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Today I want to drive something home and be a little more precise. Earlier, in these 40 days of Awakening, I related how history repeats itself. In events on God’s timeline and in the failures of mankind, history repeats. As a loving reminder, let’s look at Ecclesiastes 1:9-11.

Ecclesiastes 1:9–11 (NASB95 emphasis is my own), “9  That which has been is that which will be,  And that which has  been done is that which will be done.  So there is nothing new under the sun.  10  Is there anything of which one might  say, “See this, it is new”?  Already it has existed for ages Which were before us.  11  There is no remembrance of  earlier things;  And also of the later things which will occur,  There will be for them no remembrance  Among those  who will come later still.”

Pay attention to the words “has been”, “will be”, “existed for ages”, “no remembrance”, earlier things”, “later things”, and “those who will come later still”. Nothing is new! If it has been done it will be done again. It has all existed for ages. And yet, there is no remembrance of earlier things or the later things that will come. For those of us who have come later still, there is no remembrance. Why is it so important?

Hebrew Months & Tribes - 13 MonthsAgain, as I’ve mentioned earlier in the 40 days of Awakening, remembrance is a big deal to God. An example is found in Exodus regarding the Passover. Exodus 12:27, 13:8 and 13:14, God records three times to remember the Passover and to teach children about the Passover. Why? To remember what God did for Israel. Why should we remember the Passover? Because of what Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, did on the cross for us! On the same date as the Lord’s Passover in Egypt! God said keep the Passover!  I don’t have time to discuss it further at this time. I will address it later during the early spring of next year.

By the way, if you will read the Book of Joshua, you’ll see that the Passover was not practiced during the 40 years Israel wandered in the desert. Why? Because Israel was wandering in the desert because of the DISOBEDIENCE. However, Joshua remembered, and observed the Passover after Israel had crossed the Jordan into the promised land.

But why does history repeat itself? Why are these events on God’s timeline cyclical? What is God doing in His time and in His seasons?

Ecclesiastes 3:11–15 (NASB95):  “God Set Eternity in the Heart of Man   11  He has made everything appropriate in its  time. He has also set eternity in their heart, yet so that man will not find out the work which God has done from the  beginning even to the end.  12  I know that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good in one’s  lifetime;  13  moreover, that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor—it is the gift of God.  14  I  know that everything God does will remain forever; there is nothing to add to it and there is nothing to take from it, for  God has so worked that men should fear Him.  15  That which is has been already and that which will be has already been, for God seeks what has passed by.”

Yeminite and TallitDo you not see it? Everything has an appropriate time. At the appropriate time, a shofar sounded, and eternity was  stirred in my heart. The sound of the shofar, that which is like the voice of God, awakens the eternity in the human heart.  It is a sound of awakening! I rejoice in every day that God has made for I can see the good in my labor. It is a gift of God!  Everything that God does remains forever and we cannot add to what God has done or take from it. What has God  done?  He provided the Passover Lamb of God for our benefit! We should not have a terrifying fear of God or our  Lord and Savior but a reverential fear that is joyful! What Jesus did for us is what God did for Abraham and later the sons of Israel. He provided the sacrifice! That which had been done was that which would be done again at the Passover and again at the cross!

GOD SEEKS WHAT HAS PASSED BY! What has passed by? Death. It passed by Isaac with the sacrifice of a ram. It passed by Israel at the Passover by the blood of a lamb. Death has passed us by on account of the Blood of Christ!  Death comes for us all but by the blood of Jesus Christ, death has lost its grip and we slip the noose of death into an  eternity of worship and praise instead of an eternal state of suffering and torment.

Jeremiah 6:17, as I’ve already covered says, “And I have set watchmen over you saying, ‘Listen to the sound of the trumpet!” The trumpet was to wake them up from their sin, their apathy, their refusal to remember what God had done. It was to call them back, to repent and draw near to God. “And they said, ‘We will not listen!” It is time to awaken and remember.

Well, that didn’t work out so well then. Are you willing to listen and remember? Are you willing to listen and turn back? Repent! The kingdom of God is at hand!

This is the 17th day of Elul.

I am The Old Watchman. Ezekiel. You have been warned!



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