Today, for some odd reason, I was reminded of a dream I had early in the morning back on January 14, 2020.

In the dream, I was sitting in a very heavy, elaborately carved wooden chair at one end of a long narrow room. The room was probably fifteen feet wide and, perhaps thirty-five to forty feet long. The room was beautiful with marble floors and extensive, very elaborate woodwork on the walls. The room was dimly lit, but not as if the light source had been dimmed. It was almost as if a shadow encompassed the room. There were no windows.

At the opposite end of the room was a magnificent, jeweled chair or what I envisioned to be a throne, elevated on a sculpted marble platform  encrusted with gold and other jewels.

Standing to my right was an angel with long, flowing blonde locks of hair. On my left, was my wife, Cheryl. Seated on the floor, between my knees, was a man whose face I could not see.

I could hear a Ram’s Horn Shofar sounding. It sounded close but it was muffled or muted to some extent. I looked up to my right and the angel was sounding the Shofar softly and had the mouth of the Shofar tucked underneath his arm. I recall wondering, “Why would the angel tuck the shofar underneath his arm like that?”

The angel then looked down at me and smiled. He took the shofar and offered it to me. I marveled at the coloration of the instrument with hues of red, yellow, green, black and brownish orange. I looked over to my left at Cheryl who placed her hand on my shoulder and nodded as if giving me her approval to accept the Shofar. I lifted my hand and the angel placed the shofar into my hand. Instantly, the room became brighter and the shofar changed color to a waxy white color like the color of wool with hues of green and orange in the curvature of the horn. It was splendid and beautiful!

Who Is The Old WatchmanI looked up again at the angel who motioned for me to put the shofar to my lips. As the shofar touched my lips it sounded! Not only did it sound but it sounded with very little, if any, effort on my part. The room lit up as if a search light had been focused upon it from above. The light was focused upon the throne at the far end of the room but the entire room was now brightly lit. The sound of this shofar was a sound unlike any that I have ever heard. It was….well…majestic! I took a breath and the Shofar sounded again. This time, the throne on the platform at the far end of the room exploded into a brilliant white light that obliterated everything from my sight. That’s when I woke up.

Okay. What does that mean? Does it mean anything? Was it a prophetic dream? Or, was it the pizza that I had the night before for dinner?

I got up after the dream and I prayed for Ruach ha-Chadesh (that’s Holy Spirit’s proper Hebrew name) to reveal to me any meaning that was intended by such a dream. Here’s what I received.

Cheryl and I were in the presence of God. The angel was a messenger. Hey, that’s kind of what angels do. The room was, initially, in shadow as the darkness that covers the earth. God was on the throne although I did not see Him in a physical sense.

The angel was sounding the shofar as man sounds the shofar in the earth outside God’s instruction or the unction of Ruah ha-Chadesh. It is just noise. It was like one learning to sound the shofar. It meant nothing it was just a horn sounding. When the angel offered me the shofar it was confirmation that God has chosen me to sound the shofar according to the instructions in God’s Word and the prompting of Ruach ha-Chadesh. When I looked to Cheryl for approval it was a sign that the only approval of man that I needed was the approval of my wife. We are together, as one in all that we do. When the shofar changed color it became the instrument of spiritual warfare. It was a weapon of God’s design. The Shofar had come to the hand that was meant to wield it. It was now in the hands of God’s chosen and anointed. That is what brightened the room initially. The shofar itself was a marvelous specimen. It was quite large as Ram’s Horns are concerned and its color, in itself, is a rarity. The mouthpiece was exceedingly large in comparison to most Ram’s Horns and made sounding the shofar almost effortless. And the sound! The sound was rich, full of bass tones and infinitely powerful. The first time it sounded brought the great, bright flood light into the room. The sound had announced, and confirmed, God’s presence!

Upon the second sounding, the Throne at the far end of the room exploded in bright, brilliant light that obliterated all darkness and…well…everything that could be seen with the eye. It was the power and glory of God being released throughout the world! It was God’s voice. Any other sounding of my own accord would have merely been noise. But when issued by the directive of God Himself or Ruach ha-Chadesh the sound manifested in a pure exhibition of power.

There was one person that I did not get any revelation about and that was the person that was seated on the floorRams Horn and the Tallit between my knees. I prayed for it to be revealed to me but it was not to be. I contacted my Spiritual Father who is, perhaps, the most Godly man I have ever walked with and shared the dream with him. He confirmed every revealing feature of the dream just as I have conveyed it to you. I only told him the dream. I did not share any of the revelation of what I thought any of it meant with him at the time. When I asked about man seated on the floor between my knees I heard him laugh.

“That was the people who intercede for you on your behalf in prayer, the intercessors. You never see them. You never hear them. You probably do not know who they are. It is possible that they do not yet know who you are but they know that such a man has been selected, consecrated, equipped, trained, anointed, and will be released for such a purpose.”


Now I suppose that it would be possible for one to get “puffed up” and think himself important thinking about all this. Such is not the case with me. I stand in much fear and trembling. IF I had not been called, chosen for, and accepted this journey then I’m quite sure God would have found someone who could have more easily filled the shoes. The ONLY thing I have done is to be available and obedient. It’s not what I wanted. It’s not what I signed up for. But there is no doubt this is what I was meant to do. It CONSUMES me!

Blowing the ShofarWhat exactly is it that consumes me? It is not a horn or the sound of a horn or that I was chosen. It is not the study of the Old Testament or the New Testament and hours of prayer to learn what jewels are there to be dug up. It is not a love of Judaism or Judeo-Christian teaching, traditions, and rituals. It is not a love of Hebraic studies. True, I enjoy learning about ALL those things but it is much more than that.

There is an order and process intertwined with the shofar throughout the Bible. It begins with the handing down of the Law in Exodus and comes to a conclusion with seven trumpets sounding in the Book of Revelations. That’s when the kingdoms of the earth will become God’s Kingdom. A final trumpet will sound. That would be a trumpet sounded by Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the eighth trumpet. The Trumpet of New Beginnings. The establishment of God’s Kingdom. The shofar was used to coronate King David. The trumpet will sound to coronate Jesus as King over His Father’s Kingdom on earth! THAT is what consumes me!

If you think that the shofar is some old, moldy, dusty Jewish horn of the Old Testament that merely smacks of Law and Old Covenant then you’d better think again. It is God’s instrument of choice. It signals the ends of times and ages and it ushers in times and new ages. It has done so throughout history. Nothing has changed. So it has been. So it is. So it shall be.

So, to understand the end of the age and the coming of God’s Kingdom, it helps DRAMATICALLY to understand the shofar of the Bible. I believe that my dream reveals that I get to play a part in preparing end time believers for that time. That consumes me!

So, was it a prophetic dream or bad pizza for dinner the night prior? You can decide for yourself.

I am The Old Watchman, Ezekiel. Now you know. Consider yourself warned.

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